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5 - Run Local Query (Single File)

Assuming your current working directory is set to /home/<username>/workspace, run the following command:

unity run example.jq -o out.json >> stdout.txt

The -o flag is used to specify the file where the results are saved, the standard output redirection is needed to hide a segmentation fault message that might appear (does not appear to affect the optimization results).

Listing of /home/<username>/workspace/example.jq:

jsoniq version "1.0";

import module namespace a = "";

declare function local:f($input)
let $x := $input.x
let $y := $input.y

return {
cost: 10 * $x + 15 * $y,
$x div 40 + $y div 30 le 40 and
$x ge 0 and $x le 1000 and
$y ge 0 and $y le 860

let $input := {
x: {"float?": null},
y: {"float?": null}

return a:maximize({
model: local:f#1,
input: $input,
objective: "cost",
options: {
solver: "minos"